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Why Every Australian Should Regularly Seek Chiropractic Care

Published : July 12, 2022

In Australia, there are an estimated 21 million chiropractic visits per year. Australia’s current population is at 26 million. Immediately you may think that there’s only 5 million Australians that don’t see a chiropractor. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case. Out of the 21 million visits, almost every patient visits a chiropractor numerous times. It is not uncommon for someone to have over 40 visits in a year (or more), which would equate to almost one visit a week.

Why would someone see a chiropractor over 40 times in one year? That’s a lot, isn’t it?

What does a chiropractor actually do?

Firstly, we should begin with WHAT a chiropractor actually does. Chiropractors allow the body to function correctly by adjusting the spine to remove neural interferences. This may seem quite complex – but it isn’t. On a general scale chiropractors adjust what are known as ‘subluxations’ to allow the body to function optimally.

What is a subluxation?

A subluxation refers to a bone in the spine being out of alignment. The spinal cord and nerves are all connected to the brain and flow throughout the spine. Seeing as nerves fundamentally control the body, if a vertebra (bone of the spine) is subluxated, there can be a reduction in optimal function. So, when a chiropractor adjusts a subluxation, it can help to restore this function.

When our spine is aligned so there is no neural interference, our nerves can function exactly how they were designed. When this occurs, coupled with altering certain behaviours such as changing poor postural habits, our muscles will be as strong as they can, or joints will be mobile, and most importantly, the signals to and from our brain will flow freely. The opposite is true for if there are neural interferences. You can imagine how this can benefit you as a human. It can lead to things like increased energy, increased ability to focus, better sleep, reduction in pain, and much more.

As it happens, if there is no interruption between the brain and the body, this will also significantly reduce both the likelihood and the intensity of common conditions. The body doesn’t have a reason to bring upon any pain or mishaps – because the body is working just fine. It is only when the body isn’t functioning the way it should, that pain begins to arise.

An analogy for chiropractic

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