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What Is The Best Position To Sleep In?

Published : January 18, 2022

Back position

To start, we have the back sleeping position.

This position is probably the least common but CAN be a great position to sleep in.

What can make it a great position? Before the answer is revealed, we need to run through what we want out of a good sleeping position.

When we’re standing and being viewed from the side on, we want certain points of our body to be in a straight line. 99% of people do not have this, as almost everything can play a role in preventing this from occurring.

As we‘re focusing on head position whilst sleeping, we’ll only cover the upper body. What we’re looking for, is the hole of your ear to be in line with your shoulder.

It might be important to note the pillow you are using, which is the answer to why it has the potential to be a prime position. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had the pillow you’re currently using for years which has caused your ear hole to move forward in relation to your shoulder.

What you can do for this, is get a contoured pillow. A contoured pillow allows your ear and shoulder to be in line with each other with the addition of increasing the curvature in your neck, which is completely normal (and optimal).

Overall, what our chiropractors look for in this position, is that straight line from your ear to your shoulder. If the pillow you use does this, you’re golden!

Stomach position

Side position

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