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What Do Chiropractors Adjust?

Published : March 29, 2022

What is a Subluxation and why is it so important to chiropractic?

When you go and see a Chiropractor, you may wonder what they actually do. You might wonder how the adjustments they do on you help rid your pain.

There is a term Chiropractors use that is likely the cause of your neck and back pain, headaches and other spine related conditions.

The term is known as a ‘subluxation’. You may have heard of this term, or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, if you‘d like to find out a bit more about this term, this blog is for you.

Chiropractors use the term ’subluxation’ frequently. If you have ever been to a Chiropractor, chances are they have said this word here and there. If you have never been to a Chiropractor, you’re about to find out what this word means, and its importance in Chiropractic.

In medical terms, ‘subluxation’ means a partial dislocation. This may sound terrible (and it could be), but most people have these subluxations (many people have quite a few).

Rather than being a partial dislocation, what it means is that the small muscles that connect your bones of your spine (vertebrae) to one another, are tight or not functioning as they should. This could be due to a multitude of reasons. Such reasons can include, poor posture, overuse and injury.

If you have had a subluxation for a long time, it may cause you pain and stiffness. Your body is highly adaptable, and so over time, this pain and stiffness could become the new normal to your body.

What the experts say

Before we jump into what this means, let’s first see what an expert researcher and Chiropractor has to say about subluxations.

Heidi Haavik, in her book ‘The Reality Check’ states that a subluxation ‘is not so much the condition of a bone being out of place; it is more that a bone is functioning or moving in a less than ideal way–in a manner that is not ‘normal’ for the body.’

As mentioned earlier, over time your body can see this abnormal process as normal. This is why some people are so unaware of their issue until the 1000th straw is placed on their back. That final straw is your body telling you ‘right, we must get this sorted’.

How a Chiropractor can help?

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