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What Can You Do For Your Posture?

Published : February 2, 2022

What Can You Do For Your Posture?

Are you currently dealing with a difficult situation with your family? Maybe you’re fed up with the workload you’ve been given at work? What we’re really asking is, are you stressed?

What is Poor Posture ?

In general terms, when standing straight up, a good posture would be as follows. Having your shoulders back, chin up so it’s parallel to the floor, and an overall straight line when looking on the side, from the ear hole to the ankle bone.

Poor posture is where parts of the body that have been used for years and years in a certain way, which causes unwanted effects. When looking side on, that straight line may be disturbed by many reasons, such as having the head coming forward. This can put unnecessary tension on your neck. You may have rounded shoulders which affect your mid back and muscles surrounding. You may also have a ‘hunchback’ which can also put pressure and unwanted strain on your mid back.

These issues are common, maybe you are currently suffering from one of these issues.

When one part of the body is out of alignment in terms of that straight line mentioned above, this can have a snowball effect on other parts of the body, as they try to compensate for the originally affected area.

Such issues arising from postural stress include:

Degeneration of the joints
Degeneration of the joints
Weakened muscles

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