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The Link between Naturopathic Practice & Chiropractic Care

Published : December 4, 2023

Naturopathic Practice & Chiropractic Care

The Therapeutic order of Naturopathic Medicine.

A focus on Level 4 – Address physical alignment.

What is the Therapeutic order?

The Therapeutic order is a Naturopathic Hierarchy when it comes to the process of healing and patient centred care (Aanmc,2020).
It is a tool that guides practitioners to priorities, individualise and guide treatment for patients (Aanmc,2020). The order works in terms of least invasive to more invasive treatment options depending on the client’s presenting symptoms, the order is not rigid and is adapted to each client.

There are seven stages of the Therapeutic order.
Remove obstacles to health.
Stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism.
Strengthen weakened/ damaged systems.
Correct structural integrity.
Address pathology and symptoms
Synthetic symptom relief
 Surgery or high force interventions
This blog will focus on level 4, correct Structural integrity, as it can relate to Chiropractic care.

What is this level?

What can a chiropractor do in relation to Naturopathy?

To sum it all up – Naturopathy and chiropractic

Written by Monique

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