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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is pain that exists around the shoulder region. There are a wide range of possible shoulder issues due to there being many muscles and ligaments within the shoulder joint, making it prone to such pains and injuries.


Awkward positions for an extended period of time
Poor posture heavy lifting
Repeated movements
Shoulder pain can limit people from performing day to day activities such as getting dressed or eating. It is relatively common and can be detrimental to life. Due to the numerous possible altercations that cause can cause shoulder issues, there are different forms of rehabilitation catered to each. People can go for years without seeking care, thinking it will eventually get better. Common shoulder issues include rotator cuff issues, glenohumeral joint issues, acromioclavicular joint issues and referred neck pain.
At Chiropractic Health, our chiropractors are experienced in the understanding of shoulder pain. We understand that it can be the product of a stressful lifestyle as well as a long history of poor postural habits and dysfunction in other regions of the body. Our chiropractors use the latest techniques to help get you back doing the things you love.


Inability to move arm in specific directions
Pain when moving arm in specific directions
Inability to rotate arm
Aching/constant pain
Trouble sleeping

Common types of shoulder Issues

One of the most common types of shoulder pain includes shoulder impingement syndrome, specifically subacromial impingement syndrome. This can be classified as the muscles below the shoulder bone becoming inflamed due to repetitive use, trauma or injury. Upon certain movements, the enlarged muscles due to the inflammation can rub or impede the normal movement, causing pain. Another common shoulder issue is rotator cuff tears. This is essentially when the muscles and tendons that attach to the shoulder can become strained due to repeated movements with incorrect form (such as weightlifting) as well as injuries or trauma.

Techniques we use for shoulder pain

Orthopaedic tests
Mobilisation techniques and exercises
Trigger point therapy
Strengthening exercises
Manual adjustments

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