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At Chiropractic Health, the process of rehabilitation is an essential part to care. Rehabilitation is the restoration of mobility, strength and overall health to deconditioned tissues. Oftentimes people obtain certain habits in their mobility and function that can cause other parts of the body to compensate for the disuse or inactivation of the tissues that are meant to do that specific action.

Overall, dysfunction and immobilisation of the body can result in

Postural changes
Chronic pain
Joint and ligament issues
Changes in disc biochemistry
Degeneration of bone
Increased susceptibility to bad habits
Mobility and functional issues
Muscle issues
Decreased muscular performance
Wear and tear of joints.
Our aim is to first identify why your complaint has occurred and how best to provide tailored care to restore the mobility, strength and conditioning of the body to get you back to regular daily living. We offer a series of exercises, stretches and advice to help do so. Our Chiropractors are experienced in seeing patients with common conditions like neck pain, low back pain, headaches and more.