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Chiropractor For Posture

If you want to improve your poor posture but don’t know where to start, chiropractic services are perfect for you. Improving posture can help you tremendously in many ways. You’ll find that your body will be much more relaxed, and you’ll feel happier and less stressed.

Chiropractic Health strives to deliver the highest quality care to help people feel their best. We conduct in-depth assessments, explain our findings, and develop a tailored and personal treatment plan to reach your health goals. Call us today or book online!
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How Chiropractic Care Helps Correct Poor Posture

Our doctors will examine your spine and determine what areas need to be adjusted to help correct your posture. We use gentle manipulations of your spine to realign misaligned vertebrae and relieve nerve pressure and other nervous system issues that might be causing you pain. This type of treatment allows us to address problems without surgery or drugs.

The process is simple: we’ll evaluate your condition using our hands-on approach, then recommend a course of action for treatment that could include spinal adjustments, soft tissue massage therapy for muscle spasms, postural exercises for strengthening muscles around your spine, stretching exercises for improving flexibility, and more. Get in touch with our representatives for more information.

The Risks of Bad Posture

Bad or poor posture is more than just an aesthetic problem—it can have severe consequences for your health. Besides the apparent symptoms like back, neck, and shoulder pain, slumped posture can also cause headaches, numbness in the arms and legs, and even balance problems. And if you think about how much time we spend in front of our computers at work or on our phones at home, there’s no question that bad posture has become a real epidemic in today’s society.

Shoulder pain and back pain

When you have poor posture, you’re putting pressure on specific body parts in ways they weren’t designed to handle. It can lead to all kinds of uncomfortable, painful symptoms: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and more. It might seem like a minor issue that you can ignore until it goes away. But over time, bad posture can cause serious problems with your body that could have been avoided had you treated it earlier.

Weak and Injury Prone Muscles

Bad posture can lead to weaker and injury-prone muscles because the body has to work harder to support itself. This can lead to muscle fatigue, making you more likely to get injured with even the mildest of physical activities.

Muscle Strain and Fatigue

If you’re spending a lot of time slumped over your computer, you’ll probably notice that your back is sore the next day. This is because the muscles in your back are not working properly—they’ve been strained by being forced to support the weight they aren’t designed to handle. Your body is trying its best to get through the day, but it’s not an ideal situation for anyone. The first step toward fixing this problem is recognising what a bad posture looks like and then taking steps to correct it.

Stress on Ligaments

Your ligaments connect bone to bone, so if they’re stressed or overworked, they may become damaged or strained over time. This can cause pain in the joints and muscles near where they join together and lead to more serious conditions like arthritis later on down the road.
Chiropractor Correcting Posture Of a Patient

Causes of Poor Posture

Poor posture is very common and is caused by many things. Due to the relatively recent addition of smartphones, our heads are buried in them, which causes the neck to be in a non-ideal position. Similarly, many people have a job where they are expected to sit for extended periods of time. Without the proper activation of specific muscles, such as your core muscles/abdominal muscles, and regular breaks for movement, it can lead to poor sitting posture and low back pain will often occur.

A more common reason, however, is stress. When stressed, our bodies naturally tense up, putting unnecessary strain on our muscles and joints.

Fix Bad Posture Today With Chiropractor Help

Are you tired of the pain that comes with bad posture? Do you find yourself slouching more often, even when you don’t mean to? Book an appointment with Chiropractic Health today and get the right posture back for your body. With the proper alignment, our chiropractors can help you maintain good posture and can relieve pain and pressure. Call us or make an appointment online to start your journey towards better posture today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel muscle tension, or fatigue while sitting, it’s a good indication to check your posture. Likewise, if you find yourself walking while looking at the ground, you may be walking hunched over. Being aware of these things will help you maintain good upright posture and avoid back problems.

The easiest way to avoid back pain and bad posture is to simply be aware of your posture in the first place. Stretching regularly, taking walks, and checking your seated posture regularly all help. Avoid sitting for long periods of time if you can, and make sure you’re sitting upright with proper lumbar posture if you can’t.

If you have bad posture, there are a few things that might be going on. Your muscles may become weak and unable to properly support your spine, or your spine’s bones may be out of position. Your body compensates for this misalignment, resulting in discomfort and other issues such as headaches. A chiropractor might be able to help address the root of the problem by correcting your spine.

Chiropractors see many people with postural issues. We help with issues like forward head posture, rounded shoulders and hyperextension of the low back.

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Lower back pain
Upper back pain

Chiropractors are trained in the anatomy of the spine and pelvis, which helps them identify specific areas that may have been affected by trauma or postural imbalances. A chiropractor will use modern techniques to help reduce pain and improve mobility.

Your treatment plan may include spinal manipulation, muscle stretching and strengthening exercises, therapeutic joint mobilisation techniques, and manipulation of soft tissue structures such as ligaments and tendons. These treatments can help reduce inflammation in the joints, eliminating all forms of postural pain.

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