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Posture Pole

Posture Pole

The Posture Pole is one of the most effective products designed to improve your posture, and alleviate or reduce neck and back pain. It is simple and easy to use, and only requires about 5 minutes of your time per day.

What Types Of Postures Can A Posture Pole Help With?

Forward head carriage (when your head protrudes forward),
Rounded shoulders,
Hunched back,
Forward lean of hips,
Weak core muscles
Tight chest (Pec muscles)
Tight neck (Upper trapezius)

How To Use Your Posture Pole

The best way to use your Posture Pole is to have it on a flat surface, preferably carpet, with the rounded side facing upwards.
Gently lie onto the pole, with your tailbone sitting comfortably at one end. The back of your head should rest at the other.
Slowly extend back onto the pole, so that your spine is sitting comfortably in the middle
Have your knees bent to make it more comfortable on your back
Slowly extend out your arms, so they are facing upwards
Try to relax as best as you can, and let gravity do the work
We recommend lying on it for 5 minutes per day to start, providing it isn’t too uncomfortable

When Is The Best Time To Use My Posture Pole?

You can use your Posture Pole at any time, however the best time you can use it is immediately after a Chiropractic adjustment. This is because the adjustment will help to get more mobility and function throughout your joints, which means that you will be able to lie on the pole easier, and it’ll be more effective. Using it in the morning is ok, but if you wake up and your body feels stiff, it might be more difficult to use the pole as effectively

What If Lying On The Posture Pole Hurts?

Although it can be common (especially initially) to feel some discomfort when you lie on the Posture Pole for the very first time, due to your muscles being gently stretched and different pressures placed on your time, it can sometimes be painful. If this is the case, we suggest stopping it for the time being, and trying something else. A good place to start is to simply lie on your back on carpet or your bed, without the pole underneath. This won’t help to bring your shoulders back as much or be as effective, but can still aid in improving your posture slowly. As this gets easier, you can work your way back up to the pole. If your hands feel tingly, try having them lower beside your body. If these issues persist, talk to your healthcare professional about it to see if the Posture Pole is right for you.

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