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Chiropractic Assistant
Joanna is a dedicated Chiropractic Assistant here at Chiropractic Health. With aspirations of becoming a chiropractor herself, Joanna is currently immersed in her studies, constantly expanding her knowledge and skills in this specialised field. Having witnessed the profound impact of chiropractic care on patients’ wellbeing first-hand, Joanna’s passion for this form of healthcare continues to grow with each passing day. It is because of this she is driven to diligently pursue her goal of becoming a future chiropractor.

Joanna’s friendly demeanour and patience makes her a valuable asset to the Chiropractic Health team. She possesses a genuine desire to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of each patient she encounters. With her diligent and hardworking nature, Joanna goes above and beyond to guarantee that patients are in their most comfortable state during their chiropractic appointments. She helps manage day-to-day tasks, attends to phone calls, and helps assists the chiropractors.

Outside of her role at Chiropractic Health, Joanna values spending quality time with her loved ones, listening to music, and enjoying good food. These interests outside of her professional pursuits highlight Joanna’s well-rounded nature. Embracing the importance of leisure and personal enjoyment, she finds balance between her career aspirations and the activities that bring her happiness and fulfilment.

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