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How many chiropractic sessions do I need?

Published : July 1, 2024
how many chiropractic sessions do i need

A chiropractor can help you with a wide range of problems related to your nerves, joints and muscle tissue. While best known for dealing with spinal issues, chiropractic care can ease shoulder pain, sciatica, migraines and even vertigo, as well as a number of issues that stem from poor posture.

One of the most frequent questions asked about visiting a chiropractor is how many treatments are required to deal with the problem. This is a difficult one, because it really depends on the specific case. Not only do different injuries or problems require different types of treatment, but an individual may respond to that treatment at different rates too, depending on how severe it was initially.

What is a standard chiropractic treatment program?

The most common ailments that chiropractors deal with are back pain, neck pain, and headaches, including dealing with whiplash and other types of trauma and injuries. These symptoms are mostly treated by adjustments. This will be a series of chiropractic sessions where the chiropractor manipulated the joints and tissue to realign them and resolve the underlying cause of your pain.

There are two reasons treatment occurs over multiple visits. First, your body will not simply realign in one go, just as it didn’t develop the problem overnight either. The first adjustment will ease pain and aid motion and increase function, but the premise of the treatment is built on cumulative impact. That is, move a smaller amount each time until you achieve full alignment of the bone structure. Other than an impact trauma injury, this is how the body falls out of alignment in the first place too, a little at a time until it begins to cause pain. An example is just lie going to the gym

Large corrections don’t always ‘hold’, and you can end up in a cycle of pain free and then constant pain as your body compensates for these large movements. Incremental treatments avoid this, instead steadily delivering the pain relief and restoration of functionality over time.

How this treatment is broken up will depend on you and your specific problem, but an average treatment program would be a couple to a few visits per week for the first 2 to 4 weeks, and then your condition would be re-evaluated and reassessed to see the changes

Does Chiropractic Treatment Hurt?

If you have ever investigated chiropractic treatment online, the one thing that will likely have stuck with you is that sharp cracking sound that accompanies an adjustment. It sounds painful, so it must really hurt, right?

Happily, no. That sound is air escaping from the misaligned joint, rather than any sort of impact. After treatment, you may experience some mile stiffness for a day or so, but in general you can have a course of treatment from your chiropractor without it affecting your life in any way. Compared to invasive surgeries or powerful drugs that can prevent you from driving or even attending work, disrupt sleep patters and more, its easy to see why a few visits to a chiropractor over a relatively short period is the better option.

Pro-active treatment

While there is no set number of treatments you may require to solve a specific issue, whatever the problem, a registered chiropractor will always make clear in advance what is going on. Their initial assessment will be used to diagnose the issue and develop a treatment program that works for you.

But importantly, chiropractic treatment also allows you to adopt a proactive health regime that avoids pain before it begins. Regular adjustments every month or two can ensure that an injury or problem doesn’t return, and helps avoid that cycle of periods of pain followed by periods without it.

This is less wearing over time, boosting mental health as well as physical wellbeing.

The wider benefits of chiropractic treatment

Chiropractors may be focused on dealing with a specific problem you are facing, neck or lower back pain, shoulder issues and so on, but the course of treatments can have a much wider impact on your quality of life and overall health.

Alignment of the joints, especially the spine, is crucial for proper, pain free functionality, but you will find that with your skeletal frame aligned, you will feel better in general. In particular, many patients report a better sense of balance as a result of alignment, which has the knock-on effect of boosting coordination with both arms and legs. This can be incredibly rewarding for athletes or those who enjoy active hobbies.

Posture treatments help too, making the body more resistant to injury, which while useful to everyone, for those in physical jobs can have an enormous impact, preventing those niggling problems that you usually just learn to live with.

Professional treatment for long term, pain free living

A professional, qualified chiropractor, registered with the Chiropractic Board of Australia, provides care that has a real impact on quality of life. With the aim of long-term, pain free living, multiple adjustments over time align joints and bones for optimal performance.

Compared with ongoing use of pain killing drugs or invasive procedures, this approach is much less disruptive for your life. Treatments can be fitted into your schedule a couple of times a week in that early phase, while ongoing maintenance prevents recurrence of injuries. There are no side effects or recovery times, other than occasional stiffness or soreness just after treatment, however this quickly dissipates.

The question of how many chiropractic sessions you will need is one that will have a different answer for every patient. However, understanding why multiple sessions offer improved outcomes, and that a chiropractor will always tell you in advance the kind of treatment program they recommend, including number of treatments, and it becomes clear that chiropractic treatment is a straightforward process that you can always make informed choices about, once you attend that initial assessment.

While some attend as many sessions as needed to solve the immediate problem and stop, others prefer a regular maintenance session that provides wider benefits in balance, coordination and injury resistance too. That is the flexibility of chiropractic solutions, and why you can always find the ideal treatment for your needs when you visit a chiropractor.

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