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Heat And Ice Packs

Chiropractic Health Gel Heat and Ice Packs

At Chiropractic Health, we offer reusable heat and ice packs, that can be both thrown in the freezer for the cold effect, or in the microwave for the heat effect. The packs contain a gel that is able to change from hot to frozen.

Benefits of heat:

Pain relief
Induce relaxation to muscles due to tightness or spasms
Increase blood flow
Increase extensibility of soft tissue (helpful for stretching)
Heat should not be used on areas that are inflamed or swollen.

Benefits of ice:

Reduce swelling and inflammation
Decrease blood flow through vasoconstriction
Relaxes muscles
Mitigates the release of histamines (causing inflammation or itchiness)
Good to use on acute injuries that cause oedema or swelling

Heat and Ice packs should be used with a towel or cloth of some description to limit contact on skin to protect it