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Chiropractic Assistant
Emily is a friendly face you'll encounter at our clinic as one of our chiropractic assistants. With a warm and welcoming personality, Emily creates a comfortable and positive environment for every patient.

She will be there to help with any questions or inquiries either in person or on the phone to ensure a positive experience for everyone. A highly reliable and considerate individual who handles everyday responsibilities, schedules appointments and assists with chiropractors needs.

Emily understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through receiving regular chiropractic care. She believes that regular adjustments help to enhance mobility and flexibility, allowing for better movement and range motion. While also improving her overall health and well-being.

Emily is truly a valuable asset to the chiropractic team. So, if you ever need a warm smile and a helping hand, Emily will be there to make your chiropractic experience a memorable one!

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