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Drop Piece 

Drop Piece Table

At Chiropractic Health, we utilise some of the best tables available. These tables come with a built in function which are known as drop pieces. A drop piece is a part of the table that props up. Upon thrust, the table stops in its initial position abruptly, enhancing the impulse applied to the segment being adjusted.

Drop tables have many benefits including:

Low force
Easier to care for patients who are difficult to adjust
Less stressful/painful for the patient
The drop table is an alternative way to care for common symptoms like neck pain, back pain, disc injuries and sciatica. These tables have the ability to change the amount of force needed for the table to drop, which ultimately allows the chiropractor to adjust to the correct point specific to you. Having these tables available in the clinic allow our chiropractors to cater for everyone, regardless of their reason for seeing us.

An analogy for these tables is if you imagine yourself on a bus and the driver slams on the breaks. Although the bus stops, you and everyone else in the bus will jolt forward. The drop piece table allows your Geelong chiropractor to apply a thrust which has what can be described as a follow through effect.