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Disc Injuries

Disc injuries are a common condition that our chiropractors see. Some other known phrases for them are a herniated disc, disc bulge, a slipped disc, or even a prolapsed disc. They can occur anywhere in the spine between 2 vertebrae, and are usually very painful. They occur most often in the lower back, followed by the neck. Only 1% of disc injuries occur in the thoracic spine (middle back). A disc injury usually occurs when a force is put through the spine where the discs in the spine are compressed, and they can bulge out, and put pressure on nerves that are exiting the spine, causing pain, and quite often, numbness, weakness, pins and needles or tingling.

Areas where disc injuries can occur:

Cervical spine (neck)
Thoracic spine (middle back)
Lumbar spine (low back)
Sciatica is a very common symptom of lumbar disc injuries. Sciatica happens when a disc in the lower back presses on the nerves leaving the bottom of the spine, which leads to pain, tension, weakness, numbness or tingling into the back of the leg, which can travel down as far as the foot. This happens because the sciatic nerve starts in the lower back, and travels down the back of the leg. Generally speaking, the worse the disc bulge in the lower back is, the further the symptoms travel down the leg. Piriformis syndrome appears in a similar way, where a tight piriformis muscle irritates the sciatic nerve, causing sciatica as well. We recommend seeing a chiropractor to get a professional assessment and management recommendations.

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