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Can Chiropractors Help With Sciatica?

Published : November 27, 2021
Chiropractic Care For Sciatica

Common causes for sciatica include anything that puts pressure on the spinal discs:

Poor posture
Sitting for long periods of time (common in desk workers or drivers)
Lifting heavy weights while rotating

Techniques our Chiropractors use to help manage sciatica:

Specific stretches
Advice on posture and ergonomics
Low force techniques such as drop piece and Activator
Exercising and strengthening programs
Addressing the root cause to help to prevent the issue from returning
Spinal decompression techniques

Sciatica is a common condition chiropractors see. A chiropractor’s aim is to first diagnose the condition, which can be done through a series of tests to correctly determine how to address chiropractic care.

Following this, the chiropractor’s priority is to increase movement in the areas around the spinal discs. This is often done through a normal adjustment which works by ultimately reducing the irritation and compression on the sciatic nerve which is causing the pain.

Other forms of care may include lower force techniques, all with the intention of freeing up the disc space causing the pain.

What symptoms are associated with sciatica?

Poor posture
Trouble sitting for long periods of time
Pain when coughing or twisting/bending
Inability to perform normal daily tasks

Our chiropractors suggest seeking a professional opinion on what can be done about your sciatica, as it can present in many different ways. An in-depth assessment is needed to properly diagnose sciatica, and to find out the best approach going forward.

Our Geelong chiropractors use a wide range of orthopedic tests to accurately diagnose the condition. We want to see where its coming from, and to determine the cause of why it started in the first place. Most important, we also want to know how to limit it from reoccurring in the future!

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