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The Best Actions To Take After Your Chiropractic Adjustment

Published : January 10, 2023

What are you supposed to do after a chiropractic adjustment?

Most people walk out after an adjustment feeling a few inches taller and much more ‘loose’ and relaxed. What can happen, however, is we often fall back into our old habits; into the habits that caused the issue we were seeking help from the chiropractor for in the first place. So how can we limit the old habits to speed up the healing process and allow for optimal results from chiropractic care?

Let’s dive into a few things you can do after your adjustment to maximise your function.

Drink water

It sounds obvious, and it definitely is, but drinking water following your adjustment can genuinely have profound effects.

How long do you think a human can survive without drinking water for? The answer, is 3 days. In fact, all living things require water.

Obviously, we’re all aware that we need water. And even if we don’t know the reason why we need water, the body definitely does. It tells us to drink by creating a feeling of thirst. The body needs water.

Drinking water after an adjustment can help with the removal of waste, protect your spine and joints, and help carry important nutrients throughout your body to allow for optimal recovery. Put simply, water is a must.


Walking straight after adjustment only allows the body and spine to move more. If we sit down immediately after an adjustment for an extended period of time, there is no movement of the spine. In general, movement is important for mobility and function, but in this case, movement helps free up the joints, promotes blood flow throughout the body, allowing for further benefits with recovery.

Refrain from old postural habits

Stand and sit evenly

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