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As part of our mission to serve the people of Geelong and Craigieburn, we’re offering a limited time $79 initial visit which includes:
A full health history to help determine exactly what’s going on
Postural analysis so we can find out what could be contributing to your issue
Nerve functioning assessment so we can test the function of your spine
Tailored chiropractic adjustments so we can begin the process of allowing for a healthy spine
Rehabilitation exercises and stretches so we can assist you from home
Advice specific to you and your goals so we can help prevent recurrence of your issue or future issues

What Our Patients Consistently Experience

Reduced pain
Increased energy levels
Better sleep
Increased mobility
Reduced stiffness
Increased strength
Improved mood
Better focus

Conditions We See


All for just $79. Valued at $150

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Initial Consultation And Assessment

Assessments and testing to identify the root cause
Postural analysis to determine possible contributions to your issue
X-ray referral if applicable

Specific And Tailored Adjustments

Findings and results explained
Recommendations going forward
How to get the most out of care for optimal function

Objectively Track Your Progress

Regular progress exams to see your progression
and make changes if indicated
Consistent testing and analysis to optimise your function as much as possible

Craigieburn Location

Located at shop 9/330 Brookfield Boulevard, we are at the heart of Craigieburn. You can find us in the brand new Craigieburn Village. We are only a short drive from close suburbs like Kalkallo, Craigieburn, Donnybrook and Beveridge. There is parking available, so you won’t need to worry about finding a carpark. Chiropractic Health have modern facilities onsite, with the latest Chiropractic tables and tools. Look for our sign and flag out the front!

Mon-Fri: 10-7pm and Sat: 9-12pm
Sundays by appointment only

Geelong Location

We are located within the Grovedale superclinic at 5/284 Torquay Road, Grovedale. We have convenient, easily accessible parking located just outside the clinic.

Mon-Fri, 9-7pm and Sat 8-1pm
Sundays by appointment only

*Terms & Conditions

Offer is not available public holidays. Only available during business hours. Bookings subject to availability. No expiry date.