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6 Things To Reduce Neck And Back Pain At The Office

Published : December 18, 2021

Take regular breaks

Raise the screen height

Having a screen that’s too low encourages your body to hunch forward, and can lead to back and neck pain. This problem is very common with laptops, as the screen is connected to the keyboard. Instead of looking down at the screen, we should be looking straight ahead. Our eyes should be level with either the middle of the screen, or with the bottom of the screen. This will encourage you to bring your head up, and unload the upper back region.

Get a standing desk

Getting a standing desk allows you to remain dynamic, and change from sitting to standing when you feel fatigued or when you start to slouch. Generally speaking, people have better posture when they are standing up, and having that as an option helps to maintain good posture for the whole day. A good tip is to switch between sitting and standing each hour. This allows you to give yourself a break from working too continuously in one spot.

Adjust your desk height

Having a desk that’s either too high or too low, can have detrimental effects on your posture and back pain. Having a desk that’s too high can lead to you having to raise your shoulders more, leading to shoulder and lower neck pain and tension, as well as agitating the midback region as well. Conversely, having the desk too low forces you to slump over your desk, which can cause too much pressure and tension on the whole back. The best height for a desk is about your elbow height so that your forearms are parallel to the desk.

Having lumbar support for the lower back

When we sit in chairs, our lower backs usually flex too far forward, creating pressure on our discs. This can be avoided or reduced by getting a lumbar roll or support for your lower back. These rolls help to promote the natural curve of your lower back, allowing it to stay easier in its natural position, keeping everything the way it’s meant to be. With our backs, we should sit how we stand, instead of bending forward over the desk. These lumbar rolls help us with that, and they can even be used in your car too. When you’re driving everyday, they can be great for keeping a good posture.

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