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10 Signs You May Need a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

Published : May 14, 2024
chiropractor for lower back pain

Lower back pain is a condition that can easily disrupt your life by making the most basic tasks seem impossible — the causes range from bad posture to other health problems. Many times, however, people find that going to see their chiropractor not only brings them relief but also improves their overall spinal health. In light of this, here are ten signs that suggest it’s about time you consult a chiropractic professional for the lower pain you’re experiencing.

Persistent Pain

It's clear that something is wrong if your lower back pain doesn't get better after a few weeks or even months. Seeking care from a chiropractor who can address the underlying issue is crucial, regardless of the type of pain—dull throb, stabbing, etc.

Limited Mobility

Lower back pain that makes it difficult to bend, twist or move even a little bit can be a sign of problems with the spine being out of line or muscles getting too tight. A chiropractor will look at how well you can move and suggest treatments that should help you get your mobility back.

Recurring Episodes

Pain That Worsens with Activity

Radiating Pain

Sciatica is marked by lower back pain that travels down the leg; the sciatic nerve is usually irritated or compressed in this condition. Chiropractic therapy helps to relieve these kinds of symptoms by decompressing nerves, enabling patients to move freely and pain-free.

Postural Problems

Incorrect posture can cause low back pain as it strains the spine and muscles around it. An alignment evaluation and corrections tailored to your needs, along with exercises that address poor postural habits are among some of the ways chiropractors who specialise in such matters may help relieve discomfort.


It may be surprising but headaches can be connected with problems in the lower back especially if they are tension based. Chiropractic manipulations could be used to relieve stress on the neck and spine which then reduces frequency and severity of headache caused by lower back pain.

TMJ Discomfort

Spinal imbalances in the upper back or neck might lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain which is characterised by a clicking sound when opening the mouth or chewing. Such conditions can be corrected through localised adjustments together with other therapies by chiropractors thereby relieving not only TMJ symptoms but also related pains in the lower back.

Vertigo or Dizziness

There are different causes for vertigo, dizziness including misalignment of the spinal column that interferes with the vestibular system’s function. Chiropractic care helps in reducing episodes of dizziness by realigning joints thereby restoring their normal operation and facilitating proper movement which leads to decreased occurrence rates of vertigo accompanied by lower backache.

Bulging Disc

When there is a bulging disc in your lumbar region it tends to cause localised pain around that area together with other symptoms which radiate outwards from it. It may be necessary for chiropractors to use methods like spinal decompression usually done through specific adjustments aimed at relieving pressure off this disc while promoting its healing too.

Taking the First Step Towards Relief with Chiropractic Health

It is imperative that you consult a chiropractor for a diagnosis and treatment if you encounter any of these 10 signs of low back pain. Our knowledgeable specialists at Chiropractic Health specialise in treating postural issues, headaches, lower back pain, and TMJ discomfort.

Whether you need a chiropractor in Geelong or Craigieburn, call us today and set up an appointment for a consultation that could change your life forever –– relieving all your pain while paving the way to optimum spine health.

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